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Eurorock 2001

It is only fair i guess that i tell you about myself.Suffice it to say i am male and English.
I got into Industrial music over Two years ago,and found i had a quite particular taste in music.
Feindflug were not the first band i ever liked,but were the first to which i personally felt drawn...and had no complaints about!
I find generally i have a liking for cold,hard,Germanic music.Feindflug asside,i quite like :Wumpscut:,Noisex and Siechtum,and i also like Dulce Liquido and Tumor.Another favorite is Leaether strip and most Zoth Ommog bands.As well as these,i also like acts such as Laibach,Psychopomps, and FLA.
Apart from Industrial music,i also like Isaeli Trance (would love to visit someday) and other forms of electronics in music(eg Kraftwerk),but i do also like R.E.M,but they are certainly not industrial(Ha ha!)

Why i set this up...
I set this page up to act as a hub for people into,or curious about,Feindflug.When Feindflug were first appearing on the UK scene,few people really knew them or understood them.Hopefully this site will help people understand who they are,and what music they make.