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The project Feindflug was created around three years ago.Actually the name Feindflug was not thought of as a band name but more as a project title, which could allow other themes to be created under other project names(...considerations are the complexity of Stalin or religious fanantacism).
The project is condemned by some uninformed people as the American font style used is often mistaken for old German lettering.
Each kind of glorification of the Second World War or its downplaying contradicts the intention of this project.Rather it will point out that this epoch in history is the beginning of a new technological warfare that made and still makes the individual a million times a victim.
Instead of flirting with any cliches the project reflects the rise/reasons/actions/decline of the Nazis from 1933 to 1945.Therefore music, samples, pictures etc... must be regarded as a symbiosis of this subject.Connections between this theme and current events arise each day...
The project definately does not stand for fascist opinions. So the MCD "Im Visier" for example is unofficially dedicated to the German design engineer/flight pioneer Prof. Hugo Junkers. Unfortunately only a few people know that Junkers had never been an agitator of war but a convinced pacifist during his whole life. In 1933 he became expropriated and arrested by the Nazis. He died in 1935.
The new EP "Sterbehilfe" was released in july 2000. Its subject is all about capital punishment and two songs ("Erinnerung" and "Roter Schnee") bridge the thematical gap between this EP and the last album.Instead of parroting everything one should go to the trouble of scrutinizing it.
Use your brain and think about it!

Thanks to Blackrain for this information.DW.24/04/01