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Links page.
Here i have listed some useful links relating to Feindflug in particular,along with similar bands and industrial clubs who play Feindflug.

Feindflug Links
Black Rain,Feindflugs label. The label Feindflug are currently signed to. German based Feindflug Website by Martin Prims!
Feindflug Holland Dutch Feindflug website-thanks to Baz! Homepage of Blackrains sub-label,run by Marco, a big Feindflug fan.

Related Links
Cyberpolis Top Nottingham industrial club!


Infrarot Top German based site for buying all your industrial CDs!!!

Feindflug Group page (click below)

Click to subscribe to feindflug2

Noisex Great site for industrial-noize fans!
Acsessory Cool electro/EBM band,have been remixed by Feindflug.
Suicide Commando Suicide Commando,another top band from Belgium-the best in hard EBM.

If anyone has any other links they would like adding,drop me a mail and i`ll check out the site!



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